Friday, 5 January 2018

alien queen fetus

  speed sculpt, cut in 2 because i didn't feel like removing support.
came out okay so i printed the second halve and glued them together.....bit of builders bog and sanding and a first coat of primer....not bad.......hhmmm what colours to paint?

Friday, 20 January 2017

New order stormtrooper helmet DIY

Thought i would like something big to print and perhaps learn a few new tricks along the way
One thing i learned was how to make sharp edges on a whiles sup smooth dividing the surface.those would be the coloured edges on the model. Many hours went into this model in 3d to get it right, as reference material i used the anovos model pictures, won't show because i probably allready broke a few copyrights by doing this......their stuff is amazing but out of my reach a diy is required. Fire up the laptop and of we go

That last picture is the model cut up to fit on the printer, now fire up the wombot and spend 18 hours per part

The mesh was just see what this printer can do, it only started to bend at the end at 0.8mm thick that impressive
Cut some paper till it fits and trace it on the mesh, bit of glue and bend and repeat till its all in place
Printed the very fine sideclips and will glue them on till most the sanding is done......lot of sanding (sigh)

Bit of primer and mooooore sanding
Clips on this time
More primer
Ones done i will look into making the lenses and how to darken them, I also want to try slush casting so now to find a "cheap silicon" next update will mould making perhaps?       

Plexi glass arrived so i made a paper template that i than cut out of the plastic followed by glueing it in and taping it of to smear shut the gaps

Figured i need gravity in my favour so i build a rig to move the helmet about and added a extra rim on inside so the resin won't drip out later (well in theory)