Saturday, 12 December 2015

Working on the stand

Did the post and bolted a angle to it.
The hole for the piston rod was a bit harder and I do mean harder. 
Had to mill it because I didn't have a drill bit big enough.
The table shook a bit as the steel gave a bit of a fight.
Don't know what I will do for base plate yet, freestanding plate or bolt it to something sturdy.
Oh almost forgot, recessed the piston fixing to the rod.
Picture time:
Update: had to see if it works off course
And so far so good
Another update, Stevo is getting the electrics sorted

Monday, 7 December 2015

Baz's milling adventures on the road to plastic injection

Bought a small mill and a rotary table....pretty excited about it so let the fun begin and the mistakes as I go. First to centre the table I made a small round piece that i can use to centre the table but also the bits for milling.....picture time

Let's see if it works
Not perfect but not bad for a first go

So lets begin the project of plastic injection.
No idea what I am doing and if it will work but why hold back hahaha.
So I bought a hollow round tube of 50mm by 300mm long and a flat piece of aluminium also 300mm long.
eBay for now until I can find some local.
Picture time after all that blablabla.
Cut 2 pieces of the flat and put a hole down the middle with that round piece from before.
Main reason is that I don't have line up the bolt holes I am going drill and the round for finding centre later
And drop it in place in the rotary
Just like that
Bolt it down and make halve depth cut to hold the tube in place latter
Doing it for top and bottom plate
Let's see if the tube fits
So far so good.allready have cut some tap wired rod with a handsaw.... That is hard work....hhhmm maybe a new drop saw??  Nah not yet. Let's bolt it down for a test
Better try a piston next or all is for nothing
That bolt is going into a rod and a nut for support
Did another round piece a bit lower held in place with 2 nuts...this will be the guide bit inside the pipe.did a test and it works....well it does for now.
Time to make a nozzle and fixing plate and a fill piece as I am making it all from the same flat piece of aluminium

Bolt it down the centre again and line up the fixings
Yes that little round piece is doing its job again and spin that rotary
Cut a bigger hole in the top plate for the far I have this:
And put together
A mate off mine is working on the electronics to get some heat going(thanks Stevo)
Now I need to work out piston action....carjack and something to hold it all up
Stay tuned...or not.

Update time, didn't do much but supercheapauto does have a sale on so I got me some heatshield and a jack for a nice price
this was a fail.....trying out a new design