Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Mould making sloooowly

Making the mould in seperate pieces so i can screw up during any point in the progress. Cutting aluminium and bolting it back together to mill matching parts, seprate baseplate so its nice and smooth and easy to replace if scratched.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Injection update

After having some issues with losing pressure due to the pipe not beeing uniform i decide to make a food grade silicone seal. At first a huge seal as i made way to much rubber so tipped it all in. Strangly enough the plunger wouldnt even move....so much friction.
After cutting down the seal i put the backing bolt to tight so the seal expanded to much and would go down but not come up. Manage to put a filler inside that prefends from tightening the bolt to much......succes, the seal works.
But now i have a huge temperature drop when extruding, small things work but not big projects.
Made a new plan.
Going to make a mould of the box i want to make and a plunger as the inside shape.....plastic over run will be the walls of the box. So the mould is the cooking pot at the same time...next update the mould but for now pictures of the above