Saturday, 16 January 2016

Base and wire work

Okay back to it.
Steve send me the electronics so now i can muck about fitting it on.
Couldnt figure out the base, I can't, weld and didn't want to make it bolt city.
So beeing in the building industry.... What works well with steel, correct, that would be concrete. Bonus idea because a small bag is 6 dollars.
The following  pictures are electrical schematic and set up the form work.
Forgot a picture where i stuck a rod through the post so it anchors inside the concrete....buts its there for strength. 
Also wrapped the lot in that glassviber i showed earlier.


Drying in the sun, that last piece of timber I will have to break of because the bolts are firmly thight (Dohhh) will wait breaking till concrete is dry.
Keep you posted🤗

concrete cracked and the whole thing is instable......working on new design